Monday, November 14, 2011

Vacation and life insanity

Vacation = major success. My cousin and I basically ate, drank, and played all week. It was incredibly relaxing and peaceful! It was a perfect little get a way!

Now, about two weeks and one work trip later (I was gone allll week last week in St. Louis!) I am playing a game of catch up! Hence, the short post!

Just wanted to shoot a quick update and say...


(and by happy, I mean let's spread awareness and find a cure... that would = happy!)

So, go find your nearest diabetic and give them a hug! They go though a lot everyday, and they may just need a hug today (most likely). Or a trip to the nearest swing-set (yep, I did this today with a good friend!!!) Somehow on a swing, life seems to be more fun!

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