Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Packing: diabetes style

Traveling so much for work has made me super low maintenance. I used to be that girl that had 2 suitcases too many and was always cramming on more outfit in for good measure. "What if it's raining and I don't have the perfect rain boots to match my rain poncho" type. Not really that extreme, but you know what I mean. 

Now, I literally throw what every couple "work" outfits I put together (this I actually think about) and then some makeup, pjs, and workout clothes in my suitcase and call it a day. Sort of...

Now that I have become a totally different packing personality over the span of a year, I only have one super frustration when it comes to packing.... Diabetes!!! My free spirit, hippie side just wants to be able to pack nothing and be set for the week, but realistically, I have a high maintenance disease that definitely prevents that. 

For instance, I went to live in London for a summer to study writing through NYU's journalism program. This was right before senior year of college. I literally had one suitcase of clothes, and one of infusion sets, reservoirs, alcohol swabs, insulin, glucagon kits, batteries for pump, batteries for meter, back up meter, and everything else you could possibly think of. (makes me stressed out even THINKING of that time!!) months in a foreign country! Clearly, being 20, I didn't want to let diabetes prevent me from doing what I really wanted to do, so I went, suitcases and notebooks in hand! Turned out to be an awesome trip! But I digress...

Now, I am leaving tomorrow morning for a little week-long vacation to Arizona. Granted, this is not a 3 month long stay in London, but all the precautions have to be made. I have to be insanely organized and on top of things. I've been stressed out for weeks making sure I have ordered all the correct meds, so I don't run out of anything while I am there. If I am home and carelessly forget to order one of the 10 prescriptions I have to maintain and regularly order, I can go run to the doctor's office. This on top of my insane job, travel, account managing, order taking, workout schedule, diabetes maintenance (which has gone to crap since I an stressed). 300s every-night...guilt = tired megan. 

But! Once I hit the sun and 80 degree weather tomorrow, it will all be worth it! And I am totally sleeping on the plane...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


wow, that was fast...

Wanted to leave some inspiration in the form of pictures!

I have been painting a lot lately and those pics will be up soon! (stay tuned!!!)
(credit to
simple photo, but fall is here and I'm obsessed with the tought of living in a little cottage in the middle of nowhere, in fact, when I am driving in cornfields for work, I often pick out my little cottage, much like this pic!!)
found this on pinterest! How amazing!


So, it's been a while! For good reason, more on that later, but new blog and DOC (diabetes online community friends) have recently spurred me (hopefully) posting a lot more! Shout out to scott johnson for connecting everyone via facebook today! Check out his awesome blog @ 

 Hi Cassie! Hi Meagan! :)

Life lately has been anything but focused on or about the 'betes, but that came to bite me in the ass about a week ago when my pump broke and I ended up in the 600s one night. Exhausting. This, following a week of travel that usually always reeks havoc on my sugar control. (any tips out there? besides a pain in the butt CGM??) With the crazy work schedule, it super hard to keep everything in balance! That's definitely my biggest challenge. Good thing I am learning to juggle. :) 

On the personal front, nothing could be better. I am not sure what all I want to throw out there, this is a diabetes blog, but who knows, maybe eventually I will delve back into personal and post-ED updates! All is well!

Has anyone seen/ been involved in Oprah's lifeclass. I know, I know.. most of my friends make fun of me, but it's totally rocking my world. Free therapy basically! No, it's really great! It's basically an hour every week night of life lessons by great people,  and also on her website there are interactive questions. Fridays are webcasts after the show (which really is the best part). Basically, it's awesome and I am learning A TON! 

I literally have filled out an entire moleskin notebook with thoughts brought about by thinking about the questions posed... if you haven't checked it out, I highly recommend it. I sort of feel like having a chronic illness makes me even more aware of myself and how other people feel (empathetic) and also, makes me want to make the most of myself. To be my best self, I know I have to always be growing. (I could go on forever, but anyways, check it out!) 

Here are a couple awesome questions posed on the site ( Starting with the first night (last monday, Ego was talked about extensively) It was the best class yet : 

"What is the one thing that you most identify yourself with (your looks, your job, your family, etc.)? Who would you be if that were to disappear?"

She goes on to ask how your opinions of what other's think effect your daily choices and decisions. And then she went on to talk about how moving beyond or above the ego can make you align yourself with your "true self". Fascinating how much our ego's can get in the way, even when making simple decisions. It's a lot to think about, but you are not your ego, you are the awareness and separation of your true self from your ego. Fear is another topic covered extensively! How many times has fear stopped you from doing something? For me, the answer is a lot. Trying to be aware and change it. How different would the world be if people had no fear? And followed their crazy ideas through? With no fear of failing? Interesting stuff. 

I should leave you there! But more updates coming soon! Promise!

Oh favorite new songs : Kelly Clarkson (yeah, I know, but it's an awesome female empowerment song! " What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" 

D-friends, this is a break up song, but if you relate it to diabetes, it's an awesome message!

Have a good week! Im off to Arizona for a lil' R & R!