Monday, November 14, 2011

Random thoughts/quotes

I read a couple daily meditations/ bible verses/ spiritual teachings when I can. Why I do this could be another 50 posts, but let's stick to the point tonight. The book I currently love is written by Mark Nepo. His teaching for yesterday was pretty profound, so I thought I would share :

He is talking about staying committed to "your inner path," which, I think, is something that can easily get lost in the chaos that is life in this day and age! Mark goes on to say that...

"This means not separating from yourself when things get tough or confusing. This means accepting and embracing your faults and limitations. It means loving yourself no matter how others see you. It means cherishing the unchangeable radiance that lives within you, no matter the cuts and bruises along the way. It means binding your life with the solemn pledge to the truth of your soul." 

And he continues to say that caring for your soul is " interweaving the life of our spirit with the life of our psychologly; the life of our heart with the life of our mind; the life of our faith and truth with the life of our doubt and anxiety. Our humanness with our spirit"

Just what I needed to read today. Calm within the storm is sometimes closer than your realize.