Friday, January 27, 2012

New year, new outlook?

 It has been a while since I have blogged, for good reason! I am now writing for (an online diabetes magazine) which also is in print! It has been really exciting and it's fun to get little blogs published! So check out and comment on my blog @ (There is a new one up today 1/27!) Thanks for the support!

 So, what does the new year mean for me? Well it obviously means dusting off the 3 (yes 3!) goal/vision boards to see how my goals have changed and collage some new magazine articles and pictures into what I think this year should entail. And also some more goals for this year.
( Yes, this is probably from watching years of Oprah with my mom, but hey, it really does work!)

If I write something down (or collage it in pretty picture form, I am 10 times more likely to actually accomplish it, or at least think about accomplishing it)

These are always loose goals because I always think as Beyonce says, "never become lazy or comfortable, nothing every comes from being comfortable" (or something like that, it's on the board). I never will hold myself to the goals because some are far out and unattainable this year. But, they are on there as motivation.

It seems redundant to do this a month into the year, but here are some of my "loose" goals!

- Great vacation (in the works already!!!!! Freaking out!)
- run a half marathon and blog about it in (in the works already too) Chicago half!
- Kick ass with my job (again, in the works! I have been all over the place traveling!)
- Write more (yep, that's what I am doing now)
- stay motivated (hence the boards)
- Health (diabetes, I'm coming for you) this may mean attaching my sensor for more than 2 days @ a time, ughhhhh
- Save money (new condo? Apartment? in the next year?)
- Cook more. I love it and don't do it enough. I eat out a lot because of all the travel, but it's a pain to get all the ingredients on the weekend because I sometimes go out then too, which leaves me with rotten veggies on Monday. See previous goal. fail.
- contribute most alloted to 401k! Done!

Your welcome America. (kidding the 3 people that read this who are my mom, dad, and boyfriend)
Thanks guys.

Updates to come soon!

Go read today! AND COMMENT!

peace and hugs,


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