Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Poems, music, and art

...Three things I am enjoying right now.  The thing about being 23 (which isn't old, but its not 18 anymore!) and growing up rather quickly as I had to take on diabetes at 16, has made me more appreciative. Sounds weird typing that a disease can cause you to be MORE appreciative, but I think it really did.

I guess struggles can make you realize or appreciate the small things in life easier. When I was younger, the days would fly by (which they still do!!) but I wouldn't take the TIME to appreciate the small things. I think the more time I take to say thanks and to appreciate the small things, the richer, fuller, and more I get out of life.

...deepness over...

Poems! I never really understood poetry before, but when I started reading Maya Angelou and reading her poetry, a new found appreciation surfaced. To use words, sometimes even very simple words, to say( or leave for interpretation) extraordinary things is mind blowing to me! So, I bought a new book called "she walks in beauty." It is a book of poems collected by Caroline Kennedy about women and it's great! Ill post one later tonight!

More on art and music after tennis practice... whoops!


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