Monday, August 22, 2011

Connections and disconnections

Lately, frankly, I've been struggling. I just turned 24 last weekend, and I am feeling a little off.

Not to get into details, but it is what it is, I am getting the support I need and all will be well!

Any who, on the personal life front, I've been making some great connections! I just got off the phone with a doctor who owns his own behavioral health practice out west, and was very encouraging to me as I am slowly figuring out what I an drawn to do... Work with diabetics as a counselor, or something like that, who knows.

Work wise, my traveling schedule is about to pick up in a major way, starting tomorrow! I will be gone all week.

Which sort of brings me (not really) to my next point... Anonymity.

I just recently made the decision to take myself off Facebook.. Well at least ot visit it daily...hourly.. Etc. Facebook is such a cool tool to share things with friends, share pictures, and talk to relatives or distant friends. I've totally taken advantage of it my whole adult life and made and strengthened some great relationships via Facebook, but it also seems to create and provoke drama. Something I totally loved when I was younger... Even recently, but it's become a little too much. And frankly, I don't care what you did this morning, fascinating as all my "friends" lives are. Im happy with who I talk ton daily via phone, email, and text :) So, I still have my account, but I will just check it from time to time for now. Facebook is great for people like me who are easily inspired and whonfeed off of positive energy, but it also shows me how big some people's egos are! Are how it can spark competition and negativity is kind if silly.

Rant over :)

Since these next couple of months are promising to be kind of stressful I thought I'd post some of my favorite stress releiveing tips! Please share yours!

Walking my dog
Drinking or green please!
Listening to music "quiet the mind" by zac brown band currently!
Collating!! My and my friend just starting doing this together! Its so fun and is a great creative outlet!
Take a fitness class... Yoga or kickboxing are my favorites!
Paint my nails... Usually hot pink or bright red
Write a blog or in a journal
Hang out with chill friends
Watch a movie
Light candles
Take pictures of something pretty
Color, yes color, find some crayons and tell me you don't love it
Play (or try) to play guitar

Your turn!

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